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  • New & Unique Design
  • Safe Time And Energy
  • Light Movement
  • Strong Frame
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Compact - Ideal To Move Within Narrow Space

Our Solutions

Our pallet trucks are specially designed to move and transfer various types of pallet - wooden, steel, paper or steel pallets which suits to various kind of industries. It helps to increase productivity while saving time, energy and cost.

Our Solutions

Our Pallet Truck

Our standard range of 2.0 T & 2.5 T hand pallet trucks and 2.0 T battery pallet trucks are the solutions to improve transferring of pallets in a productive and safe manner.

Find the best pallet trucks for your pallet movement in Malaysia now.


Hand Pallet Truck, Hand Pallet Jack

1) To move or transfer pallets from point A to B
2) To move or lift pallets in / out container
3) Compact; ideal to move within narrow space
4) Reliable and efficient
5) Increase productivity while reducing manpower


Battery Pallet Trucks, Battery Pallet

1) To move or transfer pallets from point A to B
2) To move or lift pallets in /out container 
3) Compact; ideal to move within narrow space
4) Reliable and efficient
5) Fast charging battery operated pallet truck using litium ion battery
6) Increase productivity while reducing manpower

Case Studies in Malaysia



OIC-25L-122D ~ A logistic company in Klang Valley which handles multiple warehouses in Malaysia and other countries in Asia. Their goods stored on pallets are very heavy and not easy to be relocated unless using hand pallet trucks. The workers who manage the storage area made a lot of complains that the first pull of using hand pallet truck are very heavy. This causes backpain and require a lot of force to pull the hand pallet truck. Once our hand pallet truck was introduced to them, their work became easier and productivity increase significantly. Other departments who saw that, have also requested their head of department to get our pallet trucks. Now, our products we are the only brand they trusted in term of reliability and efficiency.
BPT-2000 ERA L

BPT-2000 ERA L

BPT-2000 ERA L ~ A manufacturing plant located in Johor which manufactures wires & eletrical parts - before using our battery pallet truck, their production team were using different brand of battery pallet truck and they will need to allocate a huge budget to repair and maintain those battery pallet trucks. The cost of repairing are not consistent and the repaired truck broke often. The down time has caused them unable to meet their delivery schedule. After they have purchased our battery pallet trucks, we were happy to receive comments that our battery pallet truck turn out to be the most reliable, as well as cost of repairing has been reduced & most importantly with zero down time.

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