Drum Handling Equipment Specialist in Malaysia

  • Increase Productivity 
  • Save Time and Energy
  • Eliminates Spillages and Wastages
  • Safety at Workplace
  • Compact and Powerful
  • Small Turning Radius
  • User Friendly
  • Light Weight


Lift Table Specialist In Malaysia

  • Effeciency in Productivity
  • Reduce Injuries And Avoid Product Damages 
  • Safe Time and Energy
  • Compact And User Friendly
  • Small Turning Radius
  • User Friendly
  • Light Weight

Our Drum Handling Equipments

​Our range includes Drum Gripper and Drum Tipper which are attachments to forklifts.

Or, with the absence of forklift, stand alone equipments like Drum Porter, Drum Lifter and Drum Handler are the solution to improve handling of drums in a productive and safe manner.

Find the best handling equipment for your drums in Malaysia now.

Our Solutions For Drum Handling Equipments

Our wide range of drum handling equipments are specially designed to move, lift and pour a drum.
Drum handling equipments are particularly used in factories which involve drums in their daily operation – food & beverage, chemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries.

Manually drum handling is at risk of accidents

Our Solutions

Our Lift Tables

Our standard range includes different models of manual lift table in order to suit different requirements of the consumer.

Battery or electric operated lift tables as well as special design can be custom- made according to individual's needs in order to promote safe working environment and increase in productivity.

Our Solutions for Lift Tables

Our hydraulic operated lift table (LTX-H Series) are specially designed to transfer and lift heavy objects onto high work place. It helps to reduce injuries, avoid products from being damaged and exhaustion. Simple and compact design which are suitable for both gender at any
kind of industries for the purpose of lifting heavy objects.

Manual lifting is at risk of accidents and ergonomic issues

Our Solutions


Drum Gripper, Drum Tipper, Drum Porter, Drum Handler

1) No direct contact with toxic drums
2) To grip and stack drums on rack
3) To load/unload drums from lorry
4) To discharge content out from drums
5) To handle drums with any form of luquid espcially dangerous chemicals
6) To transport drums from ground or pallets, and move within narrow space



Lift Table

1) To load & transfer heavy object on to/off the lorry
2) To load & transfer heavy object on to/off the rack
3) To load / unload mould from machine
4) Compact, ideal to move within narrow space

Case Studies in Malaysia

Lift Table - LTX-H250-8EC

Lift Table - LTX-H250-8EC

Lift Table LTX-H250-8EC ~ Workers from a manufacturing plant producing electronic parts in Shah Alam have been manually lifting their molds weighing to about 40kg from the trolley and carry up to their machine of 100cm high. They have been bending their body up and down in order to carry these molds numerous times a day. This has resulted to many medical leaves claimed due to back injuries.
After using our lift table, the workers no longer need to bend their body up and down. By just pumping the foot pedal, the entire lift table will rise to the desired height. The Factory Manager does not have to worry anymore about the back injuries and production runs smoothly without any hic-ups.
Drum Gripper - Auto N-2

Drum Gripper - Auto N-2

Drum Gripper Auto N-2 ~ A manufacturing plant in Negeri Sembilan, supplying pressure sensitive adhesives to its dealers around Malaysia and other countries in Asia. These adhesives are usually filled in 200L steel drums. Often, their customer service division receive feedback from their clients that the drums usually arrive with scratches at the side of the drums, and in some cases, the drums were slightly dented. This was because they were using the fork of the forklift to move the drums from the warehouse to the lorry or container. This causes scratches on the drums, and making the problem more serious, inexperience workers handling the drums from the forklift might drop the drums resulting to the dents. Our drum gripper N-2 was introduced to them. Their customer service division no longer receive any complaints from their dealers about the scratches and the dents. The drums reach their users in a good shape. Not only this product helps them solve the scratches and dents issues, but it also helps the plant increase their productivity as this product load 2 drums at one time, whereas previous usage was 1 drum at a time. Now, we are the only brand they trusted in term of handling equipment for their drums. They have also referred our products to their sister companies and dealers around Malaysia.
Drum Porter – DL-350

Drum Porter – DL-350

Drum Porter DL-350 ~ A printing factory in Shah Alam as an in-house printer for magazines and books. They were using cooking gas cylinder trolleys to carry drum containing inks all these while. They involved 2 workers to transfer the drum from destination A to B which is less than 1km but the road condition is very bad with a lot of holes and humps, in which their workers have to be extra cautious because the drum might fall due to the imbalance of this bumpy journey. After introducing our drum porter DL-350, not only solved the spillage problem, the entire process involved only 1 worker instead of 2 due to our drum porter designed to be more secured with heavier weight. After using our drum porter DL-350, the consumer finds this product very handy and efficient.
Multi Drum Porter – DL-350MD

Multi Drum Porter – DL-350MD

Drum Porter DL-350MD ~ A semiconductor manufacturing plant in Negeri Sembilan having issues handling their solvent which comes in a form of plastic drum. A minimal number of plastics drums have to be stored in a special confined chemical storage room where large equipment such as forklifts are not able to enter. Manual transferring of drums into the storage room has been prohibited due to accident which took place and resulted to chemical injury to one of the worker due spillages from the drum. After using our drum porter, there were zero accidents reported and the workers find this product so safe to use, handy and light.
Drum Handler – PL-H300-12DT M

Drum Handler – PL-H300-12DT M

Drum Handler PL-H300-12DT M ~ A pharmaceutical plant in Kuala Lumpur supplying medicines and vaccines globally around the world. Before getting to know of our drum handler, their workers would usually lifted the drums weighing around 40kg up to a 2M high mixer using the ladder without any safety precautions. Besides that, due to the heavy weight, they need to manually scoop and pour the liquid from the drum into a big agitator. After using our custom-made drum handler PL-H300-12DT-M, they no longer need to climb the ladder because our drum handler can lift more than their height requirements of 2M with just a click of a button. This product itself will assist in holding and pouring the drum to 90 degrees. Our product not only helped in solving their concerns but at the same time speed up their productivity.

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