Our drum handling Products


Model: AUTO N-1 & AUTO N-2
1) To grip and stack drums on rack
2) To load and unload drums on lorry
3) To handle dangerous chemicals or any form of liquid


Forklift Attachment
Used to transfer or stack steel drum at vertical position

Product Functions

1) To grip and stack drums on rack
2) To load and unload drums on lorry
3) To handle dangerous chemicals or any form of liquid

Customer Benefits

1) Eliminate spillages
2) Eliminate hands to contact on toxic drums
3) Eliminate damages on drum
4) Eliminate ergonomic and safety issues

Reason of Design

1) Help to increase productivity
2) Efficiency in time, money, energy and wastages
3) Eliminate environmental issues related to ISO 14001
4)  Eliminate safety issues related to OSHAS requirements

Suitable Industries

1) Warehouse/Storage
2) Pharmaceutical
3) Food
4) Beverage
5) Cosmetic
6) Printing
7) Rubber
8) Electronic
9) Oil/Gas
10) Chemical

Case Studies
(Based on real experience by customers)

Drum Gripper N-2

Drum Gripper N-2

Drum Gripper Auto N-2 ~ A manufacturing plant in Negeri Sembilan, supplying pressure sensitive adhesives to its dealers around Malaysia and other countries in Asia. These adhesives are usually filled in 200L steel drums. Often, their customer service division receive feedback from their clients that the drums usually arrive with scratches at the side of the drums, and in some cases, the drums were slightly dented. This was because they were using the fork of the forklift to move the drums from the warehouse to the lorry or container. This causes scratches on the drums, and making the problem more serious, inexperience workers handling the drums from the forklift might drop the drums resulting to the dents. Our drum gripper N-2 was introduced to them. Their customer service division no longer receive any complaints from their dealers about the scratches and the dents. The drums reach their users in a good shape. Not only this product helps them solve the scratches and dents issues, but it also helps the plant increase their productivity as this product load 2 drums at one time, whereas previous usage was 1 drum at a time. Now, we are the only brand they trusted in term of handling equipment for their drums. They have also referred our products to their sister companies and dealers around Malaysia.



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